Friday, July 21, 2006

Scene VI

The curtain opens once again on the church basement. No pot-luck in progress this time, the returning Confessional pastor has called a congregational meeting to report the proceedings of the Pinafore convention. He and the elders are sitting at a table, facing the congregation. Cue music -

(Man 1) I hear that we might split up.

(Woman 1) Fear that we should break up.

(Man 2) And I can surely see why.

(Woman 2) When by-laws are oft brought up to act as cover up…

(Congregation) How can it not blow up high!?

(Elders) We’ve got praise bands, Ablaze! fanned a-plenty,
And kids’ sermons by girl DCE’s….
Nobody can spare time for doctrine,
They’re too busy with their ministries!

(Pastor) But, though synod’s all fouled up,
‘07’s coming up.
Let’s stick around, wait, and see.
If overtures they shut up
As votes are counted up,

(All) Then, we will pack up and flee!

Final curtain.

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