Thursday, March 29, 2007

Clean cup! Move down!

Starting fresh... The temps are warmer, the sky is clear and blue, and I’ve enjoyed a long nap. The grass has greened up, and so has my blog. Time to tidy up the nest.

Since that last post, some have been concerned for my mental state. I thank you, and I’m doing much better. Let’s just call that one “The Great Momentary Mouse Meltdown,” and let it go at that.

The topic of Sanctification crossed many blogs during the past several months, and I thought long and hard over it. Even did a little hand wringing. Then I noticed that its mention in my congregation’s Divine Services was much like the Holy Spirit’s work of Sanctification itself: quiet, always putting Christ and Him crucified in the foreground, hidden within our daily vocation. I heard encouragement and admonition to do good works in the collect, in the prayers of the church, in the hymns, and lo and behold, it was in the sermons, too.

I also see where the ashes of Wednesday blew in through the blogosphere window and were just as quickly swept back out again; anonymous blogging was both decried and defended; thanks to the Aardvark, I can’t stop singing the “lyrics” to Pachelbel’s cannon in D; and, while not a blog, it’s nice to see renewed activity over at the Consensus site.

Speaking of the Aardvark, I’ve been contemplating trying to add the great blog roll to my site, but have decided that your and my blogging purposes could be best served by simply linking you to Aardvark Alley itself, as well as the Lutheran Blog Roll.

Now with the housekeeping done, it’s time to relax and check out the TV guide….

Leave it to Cleaver – The Cleaver, embracing the tactics of Eddy, irritates his friends and family with monetary demands. (starring Hew Nowant and Bar-the Billingme)

Star Track – Not Your Grandfather’s Generation – A landing party encounters unexpected resistance from a dead planet. (starring original cast)

Let’s Market a Deal – Players are tempted to trade in their treasures for something of lesser value. (host Conway Baitenswitch)

Hmmm… a sit-con, sigh-fi, or game show…..