Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Call the Doctor

I have read several reports of the ’07 convention, both in- and outside the blogosphere. It would seem that the huge carbuncle of schism festering on Missouri’s backside wasn’t lanced this year either, so the infection still rages. In our Fever!(TM), we babbled commendations for LSB out of one side of our mouth, while we screamed for diverse worship music out of the other. We passed a lot of gas about specific pastoral ministry, but never actually eliminated Word and Sacrament lay ministry. No, this pustule was merely poked with a needle and drained just enough to ease the pressure for another three (or will it be two?) years. As long as the infection goes unchecked, the body will continue to weaken.

Luther is remembered for saying, “Here I stand.” At the rate we’re going, the LCMS will be remembered for saying, “Here I sit, but only on one cheek.”

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A good exclamation point

There is only one thing that can keep a plant alive (and even growing) when it has shallow roots: a constant feeding of “Fertilizer!”.

Good post, Pastor Esget.