Friday, August 18, 2006

Chapter 5 – My Worst Nightmare

They sang something for the boomers: “Come on baby, light my fire. Gonna set the night on fire!” They sang something for the kids: “Ten nights ago, while we were all in bed, Deacon O’Leary took the lantern to the shed….” Would they never end?

At some point in time, I noticed Miss Oura standing right beside my car! Tears were rolling down her cheeks. “Miss Oura, come away with me,” I said.

“No, he’s got too strong a hold on me,” was her reply.

I begged and pleaded but could not convince her. What I hadn’t noticed was that the crowd was now around us. I was trapped. The captain of the Pinafore was there, holding a shot gun. “Time for your wedding,” he calmly said to me.

Miss Iona Ree Mindset tearfully pleaded with her brother, J.F., “But he doesn’t like me! I want Justin Stead!”

“Stauld,” I snapped. “And neither one of us wants you!”

Doc Knott grinned, “Don’t cry, Iona, honey. Just let me adjust his Ablaze! vision first. You’ll be okay.”

“I’ll perform the ceremony!” cried some woman.

“Ruth,” the captain snapped, “I’ve already told you; soon, but NOT YET! You can say a few words while I take a break during the ceremony.” She consoled herself with that.

“We’ll provide the music!” Con and Sharon Lovejoy offered.

“No, let us!” said the H-T/P-T choir.

“Think, Luther, you idiot, think!” I said to myself. Then I had an idea!

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