Thursday, August 03, 2006

Chapter 4 - The Lonely Goatherd

I nodded and he continued, “As the months go by, I meet more folks, but it’s strange. Ms. Kirche had said the community was well acquainted with B. O. Concord, because after all, he is their Great-Great-Great Grandfather, too. But every time I mention him, the elder Frank Lee Bellows, becomes agitated and aggressive! And every time Lern and Digest faithfully listen or say anything, here come dirty looks from Uma Stobay! She constantly dismisses everything Lern and Digest try to say, and even gets some guy, Arnie Clever, to say that my quoting Grandpa was like an ass braying.”

These words made me wince. I knew there was more. I gave him some time.

“Next thing I know, the Kirche family makes an appointment for me with some British guy, who they say will help me. His office is right next door to Dr. Knott’s, and sure enough, Sir Kutt, Counselor, is waiting to get his hands on me. The whole community packs themselves into his office, and he tells me, ‘Clever, Bellows, and Uma Stobay mean business.’ About dismissing Grandpa and Lern and Digest’s comments? I’m telling you, Brother, the pressure was really on.”

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