Saturday, May 13, 2006


Welcome to my blog. I'm just a little LCMS churchmouse in one of the great plains states. Now, my first church was set ablaze by the pastor and elders when they intro'd contemporary worship. With my singed tail still smoking, I scurried across the prairie to church number two. Talk about jumping from the fire into the frying pan (hey, I'm a mouse, not a metaphor expert)! They had the liturgy, they had the hymns, they had the LYF, the LCEF, the LWML, and the LLL. But the truth of the matter is that congregation just plain went to "L" when they and the elders roasted our perfectly good, Confessional pastor on a spit.

So, please forgive me if my posts seem a little harsh. Even mice can get surly, you know.

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