Friday, June 02, 2006

I smell smoke

My June Lutheran Witness arrived yesterday, and I had a few minutes to give it a quick flip today. Another outstanding edition! Dr. Sanchez’s cover article was excellent and will be helpful as I talk with my Pentecostal neighbors, and Dr. Barth’s spoof tickled my whiskers. Suddenly the alarm from my Amazing Ablaze!-o-Meter rang out. I guess President Kieschnick just couldn’t help himself because, after a two-month absence, there was a smoke signal on page 29. Maybe it will turn out to be from a dying ember, and the LCMS will finally see Ablaze! the way Pat from Kansas City (“Letters” page) sees tattoos: a “fad” that some “considered beautiful at the moment.”

Just FYI, I ran a quick search engine on what Ablaze! is and is not. Ablaze! is a vision, movement, response, initiative, program, process, journey, concerted effort, ministry, call to action, focus, goal, opportunity, call, plan, and invitation. Ablaze! is not a western (a relief, I’m sure, to the Nielsen ratings), a campaign (giving, or otherwise), an answer (to the burning question of, “When is a program not a program?” I wish!!), a program (SEE??), or a quick fix (nor quickly fixed, apparently). And now that I'm all inspired, I’m going out and set my trash ablaze. That’s what we country folk usually do with it, and besides, I have too much to load up and take to the post office. Do you think Dr. Luther would approve?

p.s. I'm sorry Dr. Sanchez. I could NOT make my computer put the accent mark over the "a" in your name.


Xrysostom said...

I don't have my Witness handy right now, but I assume you mean the "รก". There are actually a couple ways to get it to render correctly.

Rather than memorize code, you can use the HTML Keyboard Bookmarklet by following this link and then following Tucola's instructions. As he notes, you must use the "edit HTML" and not the "compose" mode in Blogger.

I not only use it while blogging but also when coding my static web pages. Beats having to look up the characters all the time.

Whey Lay said...

Just found your site and wanted to say I really liked it. Regarding satire, your biblical reference is perfect. Personnally I have always found that good ideas or persons of good character were sufficiently immune to sarcasm and satire. The worse the idea the deeper the cut.