Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Why not?

I thought this post by Fr. Hollywood (yes, I like reading his blog) was headed toward his asking “Why?” he’s still in the Missouri Synod. It’s a question I ask myself every day, and I was hoping he was going to answer it. In the comment section regarding Luther’s ongoing criticism of Rome, he notes, “By contrast, the LCMS can't burn anyone at the stake (though I suspect some of the DPs might be tempted, at least for a couple seconds). :-)”

Silly Father Hollywood! It takes too much time to get a burn permit. So in stead, they call it a bar-b-que and slow roast the pastor over a pit during several congregational meetings, then serve ‘im up at a voters’ assembly called for the purpose of rescinding his call.

You know…. Maybe those who have left just can’t resist yelling “fire” to those sitting in a Burning!(tm) building.

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