Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Three newsy tidbits

Father Hollywood received three newsy tidbits from the LCMS hierarchy.

Re: From the Circuit: What a relief that “Circle of Life” is a Twelve-Area Process, and not a Twelve-Step Program. I wonder if, like Ablaze! ™, it will eventually become a vision, movement, response, initiative, journey, concerted effort, ministry, call to action, focus, goal, opportunity, call, plan, or invitation? Just so long as it’s not a “program”. No, sir. Can’t have any of those in the synod. I also wonder if a Lion King costume party is part of the Humor-Creativity & Play process. It would be finger-snappin’ good time, singing the theme song and drinking Frank’s Fire Water© on tap.

Re: From the District: “Packaging” the Gospel is pretty “[sic]”. Spiritual care from Rev. Bev? Even more "[sic]".

Re: From the Synod: May I take a stab at the Reporter headline? “250 social servants needed”. “250 loaves of daily bread needed”. Or my favorite: “Looking for a new vocation spot this summer?” Why is it we can use “historic” terms like “Fan into Flame”, but we can't use the historic meaning of “missionary?”

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Frank said...

Mouse wins the prize! Hug around the neck indeed!